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18th-Apr-2014 04:48 pm - Going to Iowa! [announcement]
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(Manually xposted from my site)

I am happy to announce that I am going to attend the PhD program in Speech and Hearing Science at the University of Iowa. Moreover, the university awarded me a Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship, which is a really wonderful opportunity.

The Iowa program is currently ranked #1 in the US in speech-language pathology. I’m amazed I got this offer, this was my first time applying and I had little idea what to expect. This is probably the best offer that’s out there in the field.

I have many people to thank! First and foremost I’d like to thank Rose Lemberg for all the amazing support and advice I’ve received – I couldn’t have done this without you, I probably wouldn’t even have tried. I thank you with all my heart. Likewise a lot of thanks to Mati for his love and happiness!

I’m very much looking forward to working with Dr. Karla McGregor, and I’d also like to use this opportunity to thank her and all members of the Word Learning Lab for their hospitality and the kind welcome. On my visits to Iowa it was also great to meet Amanda Van Horne, Jean Gordon and Bob McMurray, among others. I owe a lot of thanks to Mary Yotty and Katherine Rebal of the administrative staff, who put up with all my visa trouble and paperwork and were amazingly helpful and supportive.

I am very grateful to everyone who wrote me recommendation letters – in alphabetic order: László Kálmán, Rupert Lanzenberger, András Vargha.

I am also greatly thankful to everyone at the departments who’d agreed to meet me even before I’d even applied, and put up with my travel difficulties and dietary needs. Especially huge thanks to Karla McGregor, Amanda Van Horne, Matthew Rispoli, Holly Storkel, Laura DeThorne, again in alphabetic order. I am also very grateful to Laura DeThorne for being interested in ASDs beyond the pathology aspect, and I would like to use this opportunity to recommend her if any of you are considering the University of Illinois.

A special mention also goes to Pamela Hadley and the good people at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, who’d even offered me a travel grant after my Greyhound bus never showed up in the middle of the night and I got stranded in Champaign. Sadly I wasn’t able to accept this money due to the terms of my visa waiver, but it was greatly appreciated.

A huge thank-you for all the grad students who were assigned to drag me around campus and answer my incredibly naive questions about American universities. Especially big thanks to Megan-Brette Hamilton for the secrets of academic small talk :D and Mariana Aparicio Betancourt for telling me about Jewish life and border crossing experiences. And to everyone in Iowa – looks like we’ll meet again!

I’d also like to thank my friends who made my stays in the US a lot more hospitable and who I was happy to meet, again in alphabetic order – Lisa Bradley, Bryn Greenwood, Karina Meléndez (thank you for the surprise books!), Shweta Narayan, Nathaniel J. Smith, Tom @orlikeawhale (yay food!). And there is always Mippo :D
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I made a new website! Speculative poetry magazine Stone Telling paid me to set up a WordPress blog that matches their preexistent design.

I’ve been a previous contributor to Stone Telling – and a very happy contributor – and I can only recommend the magazine to all of you. Sadly I won’t be able to submit poems again because of the conflict of interest, but I think this is probably not my last collaboration with Rose, Shweta and Jenn! :D

You can take a look at the Stone Telling blog here – soon they will also begin running an interview series with contributors to the previous issue, and I will also turn up there, G-d willing :D

Stone Telling has two other things going on I’d like to mention:

First, for their next issue they are looking for submissions by authors they haven’t published before! You can check out the guidelines here. I had a great experience with them as a poet, both when they requested rewrites and both when they didn’t. If you are thinking of submitting, I strongly recommend them – they are very diversity-friendly and extremely clueful people.

Second, they now have a Patreon page where you can donate to support the magazine and increase pay rates! They really do publish groundbreaking work and are very open to underrepresented and marginalized voices. (I don’t think I would’ve ever dared to write an SF poem about my gender without their express encouragement during the reading period of the queer-themed issue. It took me months after that to have my coming out and the positive response to my poem was a Big Deal in helping me do this.)

31st-Dec-2013 03:21 pm - Stone Telling 10 cover and lineup!
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Originally posted by rose_lemberg at Stone Telling 10 cover and lineup!
Better late than never! After many delays, we are ready to post the cover and announce the lineup for Stone Telling 10. It is a double issue and a thing of great power.


Order of poems is subject to change!

Song - JT Stewart
Rep/ercussions (Carmina): Reflections on Obsession and Compulsion - Brittany Warman (briarspell )
Turning to Stone - Ada Hoffmann (ada_hoffmann )
His scent - Cindy Velasquez
For T. - Kelly Rose Pflug-Back
The Honey Times - Cathy Bryant
Long-Ear - Sofia Samatar
The Nerve Harp - Mat Joiner (ashlyme )
Good Enough - Emily Jiang (emily_jiang )
The City Inside Her - Sandi Leibowitz

Trance for Insomniacs - JC Runolfson (seajules )
Trepanation - Alyza Taguilaso
A Bulgakov Headache - Sonya Taaffe (sovay )
Teratoma Lullaby - Lisa M. Bradley (cafenowhere )

Train in my veins - Dominik Parisien (domparisien )
That Thief, Melancholy - Kathrin Köhler
Brother - Jaymee Goh (fantasyecho )
Twin Sorrows - Vincen Gregory Y. Yu
Outside-in / Catalytic Exteriorization - Bogi Takács (prezzey )
Bowl - Alex Dally MacFarlane (alankria )
#003 - Hilda Weaver, Kristin Koester, Nicci Mechler, & Wendy Creekmore
Misery Is Not a Virtue - Malisha Dewalt
And I'll Dance With You Yet, My Darling - C.S.E Cooney (csecooney )
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Wow, not only one but two things to repost in a single day!

Originally posted by ken_schneyer at Please take my online survey, and spread the word!
I've posted an online survey to test certain hypotheses about SFFH readers and their reading habits. Once the survey is complete, I plan to make the data set available to anyone who wants to analyze it.

I'd very much appreciate it if, in addition to taking the survey, you'd repost the link and spread the word.

Thanks so much!

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The Body issue of Stone Telling, which not only has a poem by me but also a small surprise by me :), is coming up - here is more info and a new call for submissions, aimed at new authors!!

Originally posted by shweta_narayan at Update on Stone Telling - Body Issue and future plans
Originally posted by shweta_narayan at Update on Stone Telling - Body Issue and future plans
Sorry for the radio silence and delays! rose_lemberg and I have both been sick and totally despooned, but we're hoping to get a lot done in the next few days! So, here's our update on how things stand:

  • We believe we can get the Body issue out in the second week of January.

  • The next issue focuses on voices who are new to us - we're restricting submissions to people whose poetry we haven't published before. We're excited about this!

  • However - we failed to signal boost the reading period for the next issue. We did get some submissions, and we'll be considering them, but we're also going to reopen for subs from January 15th to March 15th 2014.

  • The issue after that, we're thinking, will be focused on hope. We're thinking we'll be open to submissions for that from July 15th to September 15th.

So not including the Body issue, we're aiming for two issues next year. We think that's a reasonable goal given our health issues.
10th-Dec-2013 03:30 pm - On Expanded Horizons
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I haven't posted on LJ in a long while, but I think you might wish to read this, mirrored from my site.


This is an entry I’ve not been expecting to make.

I left the online SF magazine Expanded Horizons in May 2013 due to irreconcilable personal differences with the editor Dash, resulting from eir behavior that I strongly felt was endangering my safety. (I do not wish to discuss this any further in public; it is a personal matter.) Still, I had meant to part from the magazine on amicable terms; I think this is apparent from the post I made back then.

Since then, I’ve noticed that mentions of me were removed from the site. I was not asked about my preference. The only mention that remains is a small note in the site footer. Coincidentally (?), this is the only mention of me that cannot be removed by editing the pages in the WordPress GUI, one needs to edit the source code. But for example, my bio is gone. No summary of my past work appears. This is very saddening to me, especially since when Jacie left the site for years (as far as I can tell, she is now working on EH again?), Dash was very firm that Jacie’s bio remain on the site.

I didn’t want to raise a fuss, since I no longer talk to Dash and I frankly thought the site was defunct (no updates since July). But a new issue just came out and on Twitter I saw that people still thought I was associated with the site. That made me extremely uncomfortable.

I was curious why people missed out on these developments, and people told me there had been no announcement on EH‘s behalf that I left the magazine. I can’t find any mentions of me leaving the site either on the site or the blog. This is especially puzzling given that at that time EH was a two-person project by Dash and me.

I worked for Expanded Horizons as a volunteer since 2009 when I made the current layout. In addition to website design and maintenance, I also uploaded the issues, chose art (and wrote the art guidelines which are currently up, without attribution) and read some of the material shortlisted for publication.

I am a Hungarian Jew – this means I belong to a currently persecuted ethnic minority in my country. I have personally been the target of violence in my country on multiple occasions. I choose very carefully what projects I invest my free time into, and who I prefer to interact with. Despite countless requests, Expanded Horizons was the only website I worked on as a volunteer in the past years.

I also thought (and still think) that Expanded Horizons was a worthwhile project. Which is why it is especially sad that I am retroactively erased from it in a manner that resembles Communist Party tactics. (Current events beg for a comparison too, but I am self-censoring myself…) All this by an American national with huge amounts of class privilege who is very much aware of my situation, and involving a project that is explicitly diversity-oriented and where I was sure my volunteer labor wouldn’t be exploited.

To make this especially clear: I am no longer associated with Expanded Horizons in any capacity. I am no longer on speaking terms with Dash, and as I am the injured party here,  I am definitely not going to beg em for a mention.

But I would like you to know that Dash did this to me, because I think this should by all means affect your decision to support and promote the magazine, and to submit content to it as an author.

Signal boosting would be appreciated.

I am also very thankful to everyone who’s showed their support on Twitter – it was such a huge outpouring it briefly broke my mentions page! Thank you all, it helped me a lot in making this emotionally fraught post.

emerald spires
Delayed by health problems necessitating surgery and all manner of personal issues, but it's finally here and my health is also on the mend :]

Emerald Spires: First Look is going to be a fundraiser reward ebook featuring the five reprints I've already bought for the first five issues of the magazine. Enjoy!
OK I saw the following after a cursory look at the news and what people are saying about the Boston terrorists. I should step away from the internet.


*throws up hands* I give up.

A nicer Shabbat and weekend, everyone.
mass effect liara
I asked a question on masseffect Tactics Tuesday a while ago and I got several very helpful replies. I'm collecting them in one place because other people might enjoy these tips too, and also because I want to work my way through the list. :]

I was looking for multiplayer classes and builds which play like Human Vanguard with a Novaguard build. Fast-paced intense CQC battles, the whole nine yards.

tersa : Turian Havoc

ryncol : Fury Adept, Asari Valkyrie Sentinel, N7 Shadow, Drell Adept

chibimiji : Drell Vanguard

sinvraal : Turian Havoc, Vorcha flamer builds, Batarian Soldier, N7 Paladin

rose_in_shadow : N7 Slayer

raptorix : Phoenix Vanguard

jaded088 : Batarian Soldier

kyuusei : N7 Slayer, N7 Shadow

explosiontime : N7 Slayer

(note: my health is crap, and I'll have surgery next week, so responses to comments might be delayed)

It's that time of the year! If you're interested in nominating me for various SF awards, here is the information you need:

Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer

Yes, I'm eligible. Please enter my name as "Bogi Takacs" because the forms are usually not Unicode (I haven't registered for this year yet, so I can't confirm this, but it's best to make sure).

This is the main category I'm focusing on, so I'd really appreciate any signal boosting. If you put me on your recommendations lists, or make a short post pointing toward this entry, or just retweet the link on Twitter, that helps me a lot!

A quick summary of what I've been doing the past year: I've been reviewing recent SF short stories focusing on underrepresented groups - ethnic/racial/sexual minorities, non-Anglo writers, etc. On my website you can find a master list of all reviews by topic.

All entries are tagged by author and character categories, so if you're interested in finding stories by African-American authors, or with a Middle Eastern setting, or with disabled characters... and so on, check out the list! You can also combine categories. A combination people regularly ask for is Women authors + Authors of color.

You can also take a look at relative rankings of the stories I've reviewed. (These also double as my award recommendations.)

This year I've also assembled a virtual anthology of my favorite free online stories of 2011. Check it out, it's... a lot more diverse than the mainstream year's bests, and I'd like to say it's just as good, but of course that's for you to decide!

I also wrote detailed Hugo award voting guides (for 2011), and I intend to repeat it this year, G-d willing.

I intend to branch out and start a fanzine this upcoming year, with a similar focus on underrepresented groups in SF, but covering a wider range of material beyond short stories. (Novels, video games, comics, movies, etc.) I'm going to run a fundraiser – again, G-d willing –, but it's taken a few delays due to my health issues. I hope to start soon.

Hugo/Nebula Award for Best Short Story

I haven't managed to write as much as I'd have liked to in 2012, but I still have content for you to nominate.

This Secular Technology is a 4800-word science fiction story that was published in the second volume of the Mirror Shards anthology. It's about young girls fighting demons using symbiotic bioweapons and Jewish Kabbalah. This one will probably be reprinted in an online venue before the Hugo nominations close (in early February if all goes well), but in the meanwhile you can ask me to send you a copy. Feel free to ask here in the comments, or anywhere I'm reachable. ...I suppose this story is also eligible for the Carl Brandon Kindred award. Please do not nominate it for the Parallax award though; here is my very long post about the reasons.

The Oracle of DARPA, published in Jabberwocky, is only about 700 words long, but it's available for free online! It's a very odd piece that's halfway between prose and poetry, so it might be a better fit for the Rhysling award. I mention it here for completeness' sake and also because it had its fans. :D

Rhysling Award, Long Poem

Torah and Secular Learning, published in Strange Horizons, features more Jewish mysticism. And psychic marines. Or something like that, anyway.

The Handcrafted Motions of Flight, published in Stone Telling and reprinted in the poetry anthology Here, We Cross, is the first explicitly neutrois-themed SF poem ever, to my knowledge. At least I've repeatedly asked people to point me toward more - I'd really, really like to read more - and no one managed to turn anything up.

Rhysling Award, Short Poem

I only have one eligible work in this category, My Planet / Silence and Noise, which appeared in Comets and Criminals. It's short, go read it now! :D


Thank you for reading my award eligibility post, I hope you enjoyed the free content!

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