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More SF for the rest of us (boost the signal!) 
27th-Jan-2012 12:14 am
Hello everyone,

I'm prezzey - I'm a Hungarian Jewish woman currently living in Hungary. I help run Expanded Horizons, the magazine focusing on underrepresented groups in SF, so some of you might know me from there. I have a separate project that's thematically related, and I'd really appreciate it if you all helped me spread the word. :]

I'm reviewing recent English-language SF stories on my website (there is also a LJ feed of recent entries: prezzey_public). I finally got my act together and organized the content somewhat, so there is now a way to browse stories by topic and by relative ranking (the best first!).

There are two focus points:

* fiction available for free online - I live in the Second World, so this is always a plus ;]
* fiction related to underrepresented groups - ethnic, sexual, cognitive minorities, people of color, women, authors from outside the Anglosphere, disabled people, etc.

If you visit the tags page, you are able to find, say, stories by Chinese-American authors, or stories featuring Russian characters with one click - all free and pre-sorted by me!

This is not one of those "donate to my dog" posts. I'm not asking for money, I'm asking for the following:

* let your friends know - crosspost this post with the button below and I'll be very happy! If you only do this, that's more than enough. I just want to make sure I reach the people who would be interested

* recommend me stories to review, especially stories by underrepresented authors which might go under the radar otherwise (I'm currently reviewing stuff eligible for the 2012 Hugos)

* add my RSS or LJ feed (prezzey_public) and follow the updates!

Have fun and may we all have a year filled with great SF :]

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