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It's that time of the year! If you're interested in nominating me for various SF awards, here is the information you need:

Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer

Yes, I'm eligible. Please enter my name as "Bogi Takacs" because the forms are usually not Unicode (I haven't registered for this year yet, so I can't confirm this, but it's best to make sure).

This is the main category I'm focusing on, so I'd really appreciate any signal boosting. If you put me on your recommendations lists, or make a short post pointing toward this entry, or just retweet the link on Twitter, that helps me a lot!

A quick summary of what I've been doing the past year: I've been reviewing recent SF short stories focusing on underrepresented groups - ethnic/racial/sexual minorities, non-Anglo writers, etc. On my website you can find a master list of all reviews by topic.

All entries are tagged by author and character categories, so if you're interested in finding stories by African-American authors, or with a Middle Eastern setting, or with disabled characters... and so on, check out the list! You can also combine categories. A combination people regularly ask for is Women authors + Authors of color.

You can also take a look at relative rankings of the stories I've reviewed. (These also double as my award recommendations.)

This year I've also assembled a virtual anthology of my favorite free online stories of 2011. Check it out, it's... a lot more diverse than the mainstream year's bests, and I'd like to say it's just as good, but of course that's for you to decide!

I also wrote detailed Hugo award voting guides (for 2011), and I intend to repeat it this year, G-d willing.

I intend to branch out and start a fanzine this upcoming year, with a similar focus on underrepresented groups in SF, but covering a wider range of material beyond short stories. (Novels, video games, comics, movies, etc.) I'm going to run a fundraiser – again, G-d willing –, but it's taken a few delays due to my health issues. I hope to start soon.

Hugo/Nebula Award for Best Short Story

I haven't managed to write as much as I'd have liked to in 2012, but I still have content for you to nominate.

This Secular Technology is a 4800-word science fiction story that was published in the second volume of the Mirror Shards anthology. It's about young girls fighting demons using symbiotic bioweapons and Jewish Kabbalah. This one will probably be reprinted in an online venue before the Hugo nominations close (in early February if all goes well), but in the meanwhile you can ask me to send you a copy. Feel free to ask here in the comments, or anywhere I'm reachable. ...I suppose this story is also eligible for the Carl Brandon Kindred award. Please do not nominate it for the Parallax award though; here is my very long post about the reasons.

The Oracle of DARPA, published in Jabberwocky, is only about 700 words long, but it's available for free online! It's a very odd piece that's halfway between prose and poetry, so it might be a better fit for the Rhysling award. I mention it here for completeness' sake and also because it had its fans. :D

Rhysling Award, Long Poem

Torah and Secular Learning, published in Strange Horizons, features more Jewish mysticism. And psychic marines. Or something like that, anyway.

The Handcrafted Motions of Flight, published in Stone Telling and reprinted in the poetry anthology Here, We Cross, is the first explicitly neutrois-themed SF poem ever, to my knowledge. At least I've repeatedly asked people to point me toward more - I'd really, really like to read more - and no one managed to turn anything up.

Rhysling Award, Short Poem

I only have one eligible work in this category, My Planet / Silence and Noise, which appeared in Comets and Criminals. It's short, go read it now! :D


Thank you for reading my award eligibility post, I hope you enjoyed the free content!

8th-Nov-2012 05:20 am - Recent stuff by me [poetry, writing]
Oops, I realized I totally forgot to mention these here on LJ -

I have a poem in Strange Horizons and a hard-to-categorize piece in Jabberwocky.

Read them! Say things! Etc!
b&w self-portrait
Whee! I haven't written any fanfic in years, but it really felt like Bioware/EA ran out of money toward the end of Mass Effect 3, and I just had to write a version that was hopefully free of budgetary constraints and showed what happened to the world after Commander Shepard's final decision.

Obviously, what follows has spoilers up to and including the endings of Mass Effect 3. The fic assumes knowledge of the series and probably makes little sense if you're not familiar with Mass Effect. Also, it shows that I spent three times as much time playing the multiplayer than the singleplayer. ^^;

Thanks to: the organizers of ME Big Bang 2012, Anthony Green who illustrated the fic, my brother who read the first draft, and to everyone who has the patience to read through the entire thing. G-d bless you all!

Apologies to: everyone who keeps on telling me to write original fiction. If it helps any, I wrote most of the fic below on my summer holiday (I don't think that helps any...). Special apologies to Ann Leckie and Csilla Kleinheincz...

Note that there is a little shoutout to my own fictional universe, I hope you'll forgive the indulgence.

Author: prezzey / Bogi Takács
Artist: gr33n / Anthony Green
Disclaimer: This is a fanwork, we do not claim ownership of the Mass Effect universe and do not intend to profit from our creations
Word count: approx. 8400
Characters/pairing: OCs based on the multiplayer mode
Warnings: Violence, helplessness/trauma - I mean it! -, nudity, biotic angst, and somewhat unsurprisingly, people being torn apart.
Spoilers: This is an alternate "green" ending for ME3
Summary: Shepard chose Synthesis and left a galaxy reeling. People struggle to cope with the aftereffects and try to rebuild intergalactic civilization.

A Generation of People Torn Apart

Story master post: You're right here!
Art master post: Tumblr / DeviantArt

Click here to read the entire ficCollapse )
emerald spires
Today is the one-year anniversary of my speculative fiction short story reviews. I made an announcement about my future plans on my site - I'm extending the site and starting a fanzine called Emerald Spires which will also contain material about novels, anthologies, poetry, video games, and any other kind of content that is related to underrepresented groups (ie. ethnic, racial and sexual minorities, women, immigrants... the list goes on!).

Read my post about the changes and enjoy the Youtube bonus :]

A bit of extra info to reward my faithful LJ readers :] - each odd-numbered issue will be themed and each even-numbered issue will be unthemed. I already have some themes lined up, including one that seemed quite popular on Twitter when I came up with the idea just a few weeks ago. (Back then I'd only mentioned it'd be like my previous themed weeks, no word about an entire fanzine issue, even though the fanzine was already in planning - I just wanted to wait with the announcement.)
Saw this on Twitter via Debbie Reese's feed.

Oglala Lakota demonstration in White Clay, Nebraska (look it up, there's a longstanding controversy) - arrested demonstrators are put in an animal wagon.

I really really want to believe that in the era of the internet, we can get the word out about such events that do not reach the threshold of the mainstream national and international news media.

I don't care if the demonstration is illegal or not - I've been to peaceful illegal demonstrations which were broken up by the police without the need for animal wagons. Trust me, it's perfectly possible.

Moreover, animal transport being used to transport people (cattle cars on trains, actually) has a history, um, it's called the Holocaust in case the police did not hear about it. To say this sends a bad message is a gross understatement.

Putting comments on filtered because this is a public entry.
25th-Jul-2012 02:05 am - New issue of Expanded Horizons [announcement, sf]
The new issue of Expanded Horizons is up! I especially liked the Sofia Samatar story. Have fun reading the issue and send us submissions, we're running low on good submissions at the moment. Spec fic only, $30 flat rate, we buy reprints, we also buy poetry (and poetry reprints) for the same rate. Spread the word!
4th-Jun-2012 09:03 pm - Gamers! [announcement, blogging, video_games]
b&w self-portrait
I'm branching out a bit on prezzey_public and liveblogging the E3 press conferences. You're probably better off visiting my site directly for instant updates.
17th-Apr-2012 06:36 pm - Vote! [poll, prezzey.net]
I've been doing themed weeks over on my website where I review recent SF stories (LJ feed at prezzey_public). IY"H, this week we'll focus on authors who belong to ethnic minorities... and the week after that, I'll pick a theme of your choice. Now it's your turn to vote!

This is a forced-choice poll with only four possible answers because I can only offer themes with enough stories published this year. For example, I'd love to do a week of queer authors, but I don't have enough stories at present, especially since some queer authors will be featured this week because they also belong to ethnic minorities.

Feel free to recommend further themes in the comments though, I might be able to use them at a later point! Also, what do you think of very broad themes like "fantasy week"? (I don't think there is enough material for a "steampunk week" at this point, but I can save up the steampunk-ish stories...) Though I wonder which is broader, "fantasy week" or "women authors week"... and we've already had a women authors week!

Poll #1834351 Next week's theme!

What should I pick for next week's theme?

Women authors (again)
Straight white American men
Magic/psi in SF
Novelettes and novellas

A final note: I know I'm focusing on reviewing current SF related to underrepresented groups in particular, but I thought it'd be interesting to dedicate a week to straight white American men for a change, if not next week, then maybe some time later - there are lots of stories like that out there and I wonder if some themes might emerge. Someone told me in private that this would be like baiting the blogosphere and making myself a target of harassment, but I never said those stories would be bad and I would proceed to pour epic hate on them. I have reviewed stories by straight white American men favorably and some were even on my Hugo ballot last year. (With that being said, I expect some of the stories will be bad, and many will be meh.)

I got the idea when Tor.com launched the Palencar project - five authors wrote stories based on a painting by John Jude Palencar. Now, the thing is that I love the painting in question (I have that exact skirt and the girl looks totally frum! :D ), I totally want to read and review the stories, but they do not really fit my usual theme. Three short stories and two novelettes were part of the project, at my usual pace that's 3.5 days at least... I might as well find a few more stories and call it a themed week.
Hello everyone,

I'm prezzey - I'm a Hungarian Jewish woman currently living in Hungary. I help run Expanded Horizons, the magazine focusing on underrepresented groups in SF, so some of you might know me from there. I have a separate project that's thematically related, and I'd really appreciate it if you all helped me spread the word. :]

I'm reviewing recent English-language SF stories on my website (there is also a LJ feed of recent entries: prezzey_public). I finally got my act together and organized the content somewhat, so there is now a way to browse stories by topic and by relative ranking (the best first!).

There are two focus points:

* fiction available for free online - I live in the Second World, so this is always a plus ;]
* fiction related to underrepresented groups - ethnic, sexual, cognitive minorities, people of color, women, authors from outside the Anglosphere, disabled people, etc.

If you visit the tags page, you are able to find, say, stories by Chinese-American authors, or stories featuring Russian characters with one click - all free and pre-sorted by me!

This is not one of those "donate to my dog" posts. I'm not asking for money, I'm asking for the following:

* let your friends know - crosspost this post with the button below and I'll be very happy! If you only do this, that's more than enough. I just want to make sure I reach the people who would be interested

* recommend me stories to review, especially stories by underrepresented authors which might go under the radar otherwise (I'm currently reviewing stuff eligible for the 2012 Hugos)

* add my RSS or LJ feed (prezzey_public) and follow the updates!

Have fun and may we all have a year filled with great SF :]

I did not expect to be making not one, but TWO public entries today.

My hosting is down - so no email, no website. Yes, I know about it. Send me LJ messages in the meanwhile (or you can use Facebook, etc). This will take a day or so to get fixed, at least.

(We had a bill overdue, it's probably no one's fault, it got lost in the pre-holidays crunch... yes, this is the worst possible time, in case you were wondering >_< )
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