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or prezzey's journal

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[ein od milvado]
25 December 1983
My public entries are at prezzey_public, this is my personal journal mostly for people who know me from elsewhere. Comment if you want in, no guarantees though.


Space weather is cool!

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

From n3kl.org


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A Twitter-profile-length summary of me:

SF author/poet/reviewer ⁂ Sci/tech journalist ⇄ Psycholinguist Ψ Traditionally minded unorthodox Jew ✡ Eastern European ✰ Likes to spin stuff ⥁ Spivak pronouns

My friends rules:

If you've just added me, please comment on the latest open post in my LJ and specify your reasons. Just a simple sentence. It need not be something overly elaborate, it need not make sense even ;], but it should be true. Please! It confuses me a lot when someone adds me out of the blue. This applies to everyone, even people I already know, to reduce confusion. Thanks!! Update: In case you fail to comply with this, there's a great likelihood that I won't add you back. At least read my userinfo if you want to be added!

If you comply with the above and I still won't add you back, I'll also tell my reasons why. But it's unlikely, to say the least.

If I added you in the first place, I'll also tell you in the above manner why I have added you. You need not feel any obligation whatsoever to add me back.

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Social capital

  • less than 10